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gwenview: This is probably the best image viewer available at the moment. Built for KDE4, Gwenview comes with support for virtually all image formats out there, tools to do basic editing, tree-like file browser, support for tags, thumbnail previews, cropping, image rating system, slideshow, fullscreen mode, support for plugins and two view modes (Browse and ...


gThumb gThumb is an advanced image viewer and browser. It has many useful features, such as filesystem browsing, slide show, image catalogs, web album creation, camera import, image CD burning, batch file operations and quick image editing features like transformation and color manipulation. It's designed for GNOME desktop environment and uses its ...


I use Kdenlive as a video editing program and also use it for timelapses. I think it probably quite suits you. It is open source and not that hard to use. You can also find the official manuall here. To do a slideshow all you have to do is import a folder or pictures where all your photos are in as a slideshow clip (click on the arrow next to the "import ...


Try GThumb. sudo apt-get install gthumb Open up your image. Select save as in "File"->"Save as Give it a name with a .jpg extension. Select the directory and click save. This little window pops up where you can change the image quality by sliding the quality slider:

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