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You can use Weasis, this software can burn CD/DVD, this is the link: Official Site Weasis


While J. F. Sebastian's answer is probably what you are looking for, there is also a tag-based file system named tagsistant which might be worth looking into. You can treat your tags like directories in conventional file systems and browse your files by navigation. This makes it easier if you have several tags in a file and want to search and sort for them.


You could use exiftool, to get meta information from jpg, png files. To install exiftool, run: $ sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl Usage: exiftool -s example.jpg It seems the most complete info is stored as TagsList. It even supports hierarchical tags saved by Shotwell e.g., nature/sky. The tags can be also found in Subject, Keywords, ...


tesseract-ocr would be the great one compared to all other. For Installation, run command sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr. Usage is tesseract filename.jpg output.txt.


I would suggest you check 'man wget' and look at the option '--output-document=' I hope this helps


Don't forget you can have duplication without making things too hairy. /year/ /year/year-month-day/ /year/year-month-day/year-month-day-hour-minute-counter.jpg You're going to have, what, at most, 60-80 subdirectories at the first level, 366 at the next level (probably much fewer) and however many photos you take in a day on the next level. Normally I'd ...

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