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Try PDF-Shuffler from the Software Centre. You can import multiple PDF files, then delete, rotate, re-arrange, etc., individual pages.


I used the two sample pages you provided and printed them using cups-pdf printer resulting in two pdf files. Then I used pdfsam to combine pdf files in one. I see no problem in the result. Edit: I just saw that you have many files to process, you can use print-selected script in Nautilus described here


According to the GraphicsMagick FAQ (which maybe outdated): GraphicsMagick is originally based on (forked from) ImageMagick 5.5.2 in November 2002, from the version distributed by ImageMagick Studio LLC, which is itself forked in August 1999 from ImageMagick developed by E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company starting in 1992. Other than utilities being ...


The problem is with the colorspace gray part of the command. This option checks only difference between gray colour of the images. So the correct command should be convert image1 image2 -compose Difference -composite -format '%[fx:mean*100]' info: This should give you more appropriate answer.


The problem in the command above is that there is a space after the first continuation character, making it a normal backslash. You can suspect this noticing that the backslash character is interpreted by convert, when it should not even see any continuation char (the shell take care of it). You must be sure that the newline is immediately after the ...

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