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Just use this: convert "*.{png,jpeg}" outfile.pdf In general case you can combine more files into one pdf file with including them inside {} and separate them with a single comma. convert "*.{ext1,ext2,ext3,...}" outfile.pdf


If all the images are in the same folder and have the same extension you could do the following: Convert images to pdf: ls *.tif | xargs -I% convert % %.pdf Merge pdf files into one pdf and remove single page pdfs: pdftk *.pdf cat output merged.pdf && rm *.tif.pdf


Recently, I was helped by others with a problem converting hundreds of images into individual PDF files. I was pleasantly surprised to find pqScan to effortlessly do this. Usage: (coverts all images into one pdf): convert *.jpg foo.pdf Usage: (converts each image into an individual pdf): IFS=$'\n';for x in `ls -w 1 *.jpg`;do convert $x `echo $x | sed ...


Yes, it's possible to do this automatically, but if you have only one file with 80 icons, doing it automatically is going to take more time then doing it manually, so if you're planning on having 100 files of 80 icons each, doing it automatically is going to save you time... :-(

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