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I've had a similar problem but without the folders on file name part. Bellow is a script that do what you're asking. Change base to your starting folder. The montage use options -geometry to set the tile size in px «width»x«height» and -tile for number of tiles «columns»x«lines». #!/bin/bash -eu base="/usr/share/icons/hicolor" find "$base" -type d | while ...


You can use the following command which requires imagemagick (sudo apt-get install imagemagick): pic="ty338.png"; convert $pic -trim $pic ; width=$(identify -format "%w" $pic); height=$(identify -format "%h" $pic); new_dim=$((width > height ? width+10 : height+10)); convert $pic -gravity center -extent "${new_dim}x${new_dim}" $pic The first convert ...


Try editing /etc/gnome/defaults.list Search for application/pdf and amend your viewer there.

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