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Install ImageMagick: sudo apt-get install imagemagick And use the convert command as follows: mkdir new for file in images/*jpg do convert -quality 70% -resize '>900x' "$file" new/$(basename "$file") done


To generate a printable copy or a PDF from a camera photo of a document we have to manually convert quite a lot achieve an image similar to he output from a scanner. Most of these conversions can be done with Gimp. Try to make the best you can original source image: Choose a bright light to reduce pixel noise, but to avoid reflexions, bleeding, or uneven ...


There are several ways to do that. Though all my suggest ways have one problem why won't really flatten you picture. A more a less good picture would be still required. One easy way is that you try the software ScanTailor sudo apt-get install scantailor It takes you through 6 steps to optimize your photos. At the last step you can select the option ...


You can use ImageMagick to convert images in varying ways, and it should be able to this quite easily. First you can split up into to parts (original.png being the source image, and in this case 32x32pixels in size): convert original.png -crop 32x32 parts-%02d.png You can then convert it into a animation (use -loop 1 if you don't want it to loop): ...

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