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As per Adonis' comment, the exclamation mark, "!" forces mogrify to ignore the aspect ratio of the original image. so using "1920x1080!" in the size parameter did the trick.


The issue in the question was resolved by adding appropriate swap. For completeness let me give a summary of additional options we have when running Image Magick convert on huge files on low memory systems, or when there is no swap available, or the swap was too small. The methods mentioned below are elaborated in detail in the Image Magick manual: Really ...


I'm assuming you are running out of RAM. You can verify this with watch cat /proc/meminfo while your process is running. You may have insufficient RAM and/or SWAP to accomplish your task. Due to the low-ram condition, insure that swap is on with swapon -a and if no swap is setup on the system create a partition for swap on unused diskspace and enable it. ...


Ubuntu by default has Imagemagic installed and provides a command line tool 'convert' to convert image formats. You can simply do 'convert xyx.jpg xyz.RAW'


Digital cameras can produces raw file that have all the info uncompressed from the sensor. If you convert an already compressed file back to raw you will not have all the info that you had initially from your camera. Now if you need a raw because a software can only open raw images and you need to do something with that, then its ok. other than that you will ...


I just find out here how to do that with Gimp ! Works almoust perfectly ! :P Update Used method: Export the file on Gimp: Ctrl Shift E On the export window, choose Raw Image Data on Select File Type Click on Export button On the raw image export window, Choose Planar for the RGB Save Type Click on Export button Open the folder where the file ...


If you use Chrome on Linux, there is an easier way to do this and you can do it on webpage directly. So you don't need to download any software. Check it out .

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