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Answer from the maintainer here There are two methods to set up the Y axis. The first method is: Press the button labeled "Set point Y1 on Y axis", then left-click (mouse button 1) on the image, then fill in the text box labeled "Y1 value". Then, press the button labeled "Set point Y2 on Y axis", then left-click on the image, then fill in the ...


Have you tried XnViewMP? It's known to work on some dds files, but some read errors have been reported too. You can't find it in official repositories, but here: Don't worry, it's free, paid version is for Windows only.


The command line application ImageMagick can read, write and edit DDS files: andrew@ilium~$ identify -list format | grep 'Microsoft DirectDraw Surface' DDS* rw+ Microsoft DirectDraw Surface DXT1* rw+ Microsoft DirectDraw Surface DXT5* rw+ Microsoft DirectDraw Surface andrew@ilium~$ The codes after DDS,DXT1 and DXT5 signify: * ...

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