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The answers above are correct but I have one thing to add. Actually the environment variables for Shell Session and Desktop GUI Session are different (check this). If the error happens when you launch IntelliJ with Desktop Entry(the Launcher), you might don't have JAVA_HOME in your GUI Environment. So the easiest solution is to add JAVA_HOME in the Exec ...


Seems pretty straightforward. Are you sure you're in the correct directory? I actually installed this just the other day. This should work: tar xfz PhpStorm-*.tar.gz cd PhpStorm-139.732/bin ./phpstorm.sh Pay attention to the version in the PhpStorm folder name.


Qt was originally for only for C++, but people have built bindings in for it to be used in other languages as poster @xxdkxx pointed out. However, I would only recommend doing this if you are familiar with Qt and prefer it, but have project constraints that limit you to a specific language. If you are looking to just get started making GUI's and you are ...


PySide allows you to use Qt in Python and is very well respected. For Java, Qt Jambi appears well maintained, and allows you to use Qt in Java.

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