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Now there's a .deb package for Ubuntu and Debian besides the rpm/zip. It is available here and may be installed as usual: sudo dpkg -i vscode-amd64.deb Works fine on Xenial. Maybe someone creates a PPA to simplify updates. Or it 'll become part of the official repository.


Imho GEdit is far from being an ideal base for an IDE. You would be better off with an actual IDE like Eclipse and its various plug-ins. In my experience it's also better to use IDEs specialized to a particular language, task set, or framework like JetBrains' IDEA (Java), PyCharm (Python), WebStorm (JavaScript, non-free), and CLion (C/C++, non-free) – they ...


Xenial dumped wxWidgets 2.8, it's not even in repositories. code::blocks won't work on it, unless a version compiled with 3.0 is made available (and Jen's version won't work, it requires more recent libs than those available on hte repositories) or 2.8 is added back.


You can try these two way to solve this issue: Run the following command that should fix (and install) missing packages on which Codeblock depends: sudo apt-get install -f Install manually missing packages with this command: sudo apt-get install libcodeblocks0 libgcc1 libwxbase2.8 libwxgtk2.8 codeblocks-common More info about apt-get command can be ...


I realise this is an old thread but I will add this just in case it helps someone. I have also had similar problems with and external disk in the past which I think were linked to usb power problems. I got the person I was helping to try the disk in a powered usb hub and this made it visible and mountable. Try that before throwing the disk away as it may be ...

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