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Thanks to DigitalRazor's answer I was able to setup my wintv-hvr-2250 under Ubuntu 12.04.1 (64bit). The link in his answer has a typo. Here is the correct link. The sha1sum for the file is 6d23a53acb339a0cc229312306c05d03c0770f9a I've also uploaded a copy here. I intended to use VLC at first but it requires more manual setup. Kaffeine is much easier to ...


I just picked up 2 of these cards for my linux box and ran into the same issue. however all is not lost. ~Pending on what version of Ubuntu you are running ( I am running 12.10 studio version) the command is quite easy and should work with any *buntu distro 8.10 and up. Download the firmware file from this link:


Well it's a lot easier than compiling it, here's the result: The firmware did not make the upgrade. A new version has to be installed. LowSky, long term supporter of this driver and Mythtv provides the download and instructions here. He says he will update if there is a change! Thanks to crbnrod on mythbuntu forums for the answer.

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