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You can actually just sudo apt-get purge the hud and libhud2 packages. No need to mess with CCSM or the actual hud-service executable. Seriously. There aren't any complex intertwined dependencies or anything, surprisingly enough.


I faced same problem sometime ago with all full-screen app using wine. There multiple ways the may lead to same result: Changing keyboard may help. I'm using two laptops in one of the I always hit the Alt key. Disable hot keys temporary as mentioned here: Can I disable Dash and HUD hotkeys when fullscreen (in DOSBox)? or From within Steam, how can I ...


The HUD is related to the Unity Launcher. For example it analyzes the files you are using and offers them when you press Super. On my system (Ubuntu 15.10) the hud-service started using 100% of one CPU. I solved this by installing Compiz Config Settings Manager (ccsm) and disabled all effects and set "Enable Low Graphics Mode" in "Ubuntu Unity Plugin": ...

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