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How many partitions you may have per disk does not depend on Ubuntu, but the partition table type you use on that disk. There are two types, msdos is the old one, sometimes also called MBR (master boot record). It only allows disk sizes up to 2TB and only 4 primary partitions. The other, new type is GPT ("GUID Partition Table"), which allows up to about ...


Have you tried HPLIP Toolbox?. Please see this link. HP Deskjet d2545 Printer is listed there. You can install via software centre. Latest version is available here.


For the records (and since the MicroServer Gen8 is currently available for approx. 200 € incl. CPU and 2 GByte RAM): Installing Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS and Kubuntu 14.04 LTS on a new HP machine (BIOS 06/06/2014) works out of the box, with a the onboard RAID controller in RAID mode and 4 SATA HDDs installed (not yet in use). So far, I installed the OS to the ...


The solution was to update the BIOS. The old BIOS which didn't work was version F.19. It worked after updating to version F.39.

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