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Yes it maybe harmful in both cases whether booting windows with Ubuntu hibernated or booting ubuntu with windows hibernated. Ubuntu is not able to mount windows partitions when windows is hibernated, if you force mounting windows partitions ,it may cause harm. check these links for more info. ...


The relevant log files are all underneath /var/log: pm-suspend.log syslog The output of dmesg may also contain valuable information, whether the failure occurs during suspension or wake-up.


Thanks to no one i found the solution on my own. I was just hopeless and when i was messing around in Windows, i just ran a chkdsk /f on the drive with the issue. It fixed some indexes in few files & when i get to Ubuntu, BAM!! Everything's there. My advice is; in a case like this, Don't try to do any stuff to the NTFS drive from Linux. Let the Windows ...

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