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Please see http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/10/enable-hibernate-option-in-ubuntu-14-10-unity/ for instructions on re-enabling hibernate.


If your hardware is incompatible with the standard Ubuntu pm-hibernate, you might want to check out TuxOnIce. That is a very sophisticated hibernation program with its own PPA. That being said: you should never install a PPA because someone told you so (including me) until you've done some research and made a sound, personal judgement as to what the risks ...


I would also try removing (unmounting), formatting and readding (as swap) the linux-hibernate partition using gparted. Performing this possibly makes editing a config file (/etc/fstab) necessary. You will have to re-add the partition to this list to have it auto-mounted at boot again. If you need more help (e.g. exact syntax needed in fstab or about use of ...

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