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I'm in the same boat but with a difference. If I change the output to "Digital Output" i get audio on the headphones. AH! and apart from that I had to turn off "Loopback Mixing" in alsamixer or i had simultaneously playback from headphones and speakers. Anyway I feel theres work to do with this mixed digital/analog jacks. No better solution ATM. PD: I'm ...


Ensure the following: Jaybird X2 is paired it is marked as trusted (either via bluetoothctl and trust XX:XX:XX:XX (where XX:XX:XX:XX is the MAC address of your Jaybird) or via blueman-manager) it is turned on Press the power button of your Jaybird X2 once. This probably triggers an auto-connect to known devices. So you may need to ensure that other ...


Try clearing your modifications by reinstalling ALSA: sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base libasound2-data libasound2-plugins libasound2 libpulse0 pulseaudio For sound troubleshooting instructions follow:


alsa is really not suited to hotplugging , pulseaudio is far better suited to this mode of operation. My TV supports sending to bluetooth audio so i use that , with my old tv i used a dedicated bluetooth sender that i got with some Plantronic backbeat 903+ headphones. Bluetooth generally has a noticable latency so you will need to delay the video ...


It is a known bug. Try rmmod btusb ; modprobe btusb. I have had to do it up to four times. I have seen this with my Lenovo P50 with Intel 8260 wifi/bluetooth. Sometimes the bluetooth firmware doesn't load correctly at boot. Other times it just doesn't work.


The intel-hda sound driver is used for lots of different implementations by different manufacturers. They don't always connect the pins on the chip the same way. This sounds like your issue and to solve it you will need to find the module options to configure it . Here's a list of the currently supported models

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