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You have to turn off your headphones, and then hold the power button for about 6-7 seconds until the light starts blinking red and blue. Then your headphones will be visible for the laptop.


Ubuntu defaults with pulseaudio. USB headphone is essentially a separate audiocard and it just get the "default" position. Install pavucontrol application and use it to test and config your audio. Disable the one you do not need on the last tab. Set proper defaults. With the problem you have uncovered, look here: What is a "Failed to load module ...


A problem in jack plug detection is sometimes reported (as here). The 2 solutions suppose you have an independant "speaker" setting in alsamixer (or no external speaker). you can try to disable " automute" in alsamixer : launch alsamixer in a maximized terminal, press F6 to select main sound card, scroll thru faders with right arrow to "automute" , ...

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