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4k resolutions are only supported in the HDMI spec at 30hz officially, most monitors and graphics cards will stick to the spec by default. However 30hz is not nice , it feels laggy and slow to use. I've had some luck using cvt to generate custom modelines which pushed the refresh up to 44hz which seemed to be a sweet spot in terms of being the most my ...


You are having very 'outdated' video drivers installed on your computer. NVIDIA improved their drivers a lot since the release of 304 GPU drivers. You should use the latest official drivers that support GEFORCE GTX760. Uninstall every NVIDIA software by executing: sudo apt-get purge nvidia* sudo apt-get install ppa-purge sudo ppa-purge ...


By the fact that "it works fine" on TV via HDMI, I am afraid that there is a problem with your laptop screen hardware. Please consult on superuser.com


For some users IF you want an easy way to switch to hdmi as the sound device. Install the pavucontrol package may use up a little more resoucres than lubuntu out of the box to change the sound output device and on the volume control in the panel you can select your hdmi output if you had a monitor with pictures. Although sometimes if you misconfigure ...


I am not sure what was a culprit but I wanted to share my story. Bottom line is - the sound system is working now. There were numerous system updates via Muon including update of the kernel to 3.19.0-31-generic since my original post in mid October. Also there are two HDMI hardware devices on INTEL NUC: $ aplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware ...


I found a somewhat-satisfactory workaround. If I log out of crouton and move my chrome window in chromeos to the external monitor, I can log back into crouton and get ubuntu on the external monitor. The problem now is that the laptop screen itself is blank. However, issuing $ xrandr --output eDP1 --mode 1920x1080 --right-of HDMI2 gives me what I want. ...


Fixed. I am using a laptop with NVIDIA Optimus with HDMI output apparently wired to the NVIDIA card, but not to the Intel card. My system had drivers both for Intel and NVIDIA cards. After I uninstalled with purge Intel drivers (along with bumblebee stuff), I was able to prime-switch to the NVIDIA card. After two reboots HDMI output reappeared.

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