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Go to the Power Plan (The battery or Charge icon in the task bar). Change it from Power saver to Balanced or High Performance. Then run VLC again at 1080, see the magic :)


sudo apt-get install x264 i965-va-driver libva-intel-vaapi-driver vainfo then activate GPU hardware acceleration in VLC Tools -> Preferences -> Input&Codecs -> Hardware-accelerated decoding = VAAPI https://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_GPU_Decoding/ How do I enable hardware accelerated video in VLC with Intel HD 4000 GPU? Also, I've found this link ...


[...] the chip is able to accelerate the decoding of MPEG2 videos and supports Motion Compensation (2 HD Streams simultaneously). Modern HD videos in MPEG 4 or VC-1 can not be decoded with the graphics card. Source: Notebookcheck Now, speaking from experience with a similar GPU (GMA 3150, which is supposed to be a little faster), you can play 720p ...

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