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You could always put a sticker on and then something like clear nail polish over it to protect it.


Install GParted and gpart. sudo apt-get install gparted gpart Run GParted (you will need to enter your password as it requires root privilige to run). Select your external hard disk. Select Device then Attempt Data Rescue This will attempt to find any files on the disk and open a file browser, from which you can copy them to another hard disk.


I have this device working on linux mint. I downloaded and installed "Cheese" camera via our software manager, and it worked straight off. Prior to that it hadn't even been detected. Kudos to the guy who pointed out that it is really a camera (on a German Mint forum (in English)). Everything Ubuntu works on Mint. I hope vice versa is true


$6 "OS" Cherry MX Keycap Set from WASD Keyboard. There are several different key styles to choose from including Ubuntu Key Style. Should fit any mechanical keyboard.

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