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This should be enough: Software: sudo apt-get install bottlerocket via aboutdebian which is also available in Ubuntu 15.04. Hardware: cm19a usb unit (or serial unit) and a kr19a from x10.com gives you a usb controller, a wireless receiver, keychain transmitter and a lamp unit for the coffee pot. You might want to compare against amazon for pricing.


I just built an Ubuntu 14.10 system using ASUS Z97 PRO MB and an Intel Core i7 4790 chip.(16Gb Corsair Vengeance memory, Samsung 850 EVO SSD, TP-Link wireless card) It's been working great for the last 30 days. However, I'm new to Linux, so I may not have encountered any problems yet. I built it to learn Linux and KVM. I've got one VM running Windows7. ...


I have an X1 Carbon 3rd gen from 2015 with IPS Display and I am completly satisfied. It is the best laptop I ever had. I really love it running ubuntu 14.04. I modified ubuntu 14.04 with a few tweaks to get really everything working. See Lenovo X1 Carbon 2015 3rd gen 20 BS - trackpoint, clickpad and wifi

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