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I had the exact same issue except that I run VirtualBox 4.3.12r93733 on a Windows 7 host, not OSX. After trying many different things without success, I had a look at the linked VirtualBox bug report which claimed "fixed as of 27 May 2014 in VirtualBox 4.3.x and later releases". The very last comment (as of today) has a link to a recent CD image for the ...


you can use glxinfo to test if your X server is using the GPU driver. glxinfo queries X server about its OpenGL version, renderer string, Visuals supported and other infomation. glxinfo | less


Try the following command if you're running Unity: /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p It will tell you if you're using a Software renderer.


A while back, Spotify enabled hardware acceleration by default in the desktop client. On certain systems (not only Linux), incompatibility with the graphics drivers causes some content to fail to render. The suggested solution is to disable hardware acceleration in the clients' Preferences (Edit > Preferences): Applying this change requires a restart of ...


I tried Mint and Ubuntu and also installed the XFCE and LXDE versions of Ubuntu. Still it lags a lot. I don't know the details, but in such cases is either, graphics card incompatible (if it's only the animations and no the real RAW performance) or a hardware failure, like memory or HDD. Troubleshooting this may prove not be easy. You need to install ...


GLAMOR is an acceleration library merged into the X.Org Server 1.16 that provides 2D acceleration implemented over OpenGL so X.Org DDX drivers no longer need to implement 2D-specific code-paths. GLAMOR is designed to be universal amongst OpenGL / OpenGL ES supported hardware. Ubuntu 13.10 To install it on Saucy install the following package: sudo apt-get ...


Your Ubuntu video driver does not support 3D. You need to install the opensource driver or the ati catalyst driver

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