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Add = "TRUE" in the .vmx file. It has worked for Linux Mint Cinnamon as host with kernel 3.16 and Debian 8.2 Cinnamon as guest.


Ok all i had to do according this is to launch vlc with vlc --avcodec-hw=vaapi or to change vlc settings in "codec" and choose vaapi via x11 instead of vdpau.


I found that a workaround is to install MPV Media Player, and it plays HD videos fullscreen with no chopping.


Enable "virtualization" in your boot settings. It is "off" by default in most laptops. As pointed out by Aizuddin Zali , may be vendor have locked in "Virtualization". Therefore can you just inform what Machine (machine number , company) you are using?


Bumblebee is the current workaround for using Nvidia optimus with linux. At the heart of bumblebee has been VirtualGL which is now being superseded by Primus. If you have Bumblebee you'll know that to use your discrete card you need to invoke optirun application from the command line and then after a short wait your application runs using the VirtualGL ...

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