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The reason you cant view it is because its been allocated for swap which is a waste allocating it 500GB its good to allocate it a size equal to RAM size of your PC. Re partition that 1Tb disks 500GB extended prtition in live mode by using Gparted and allocated a memory slightly equal to your RAM size then the rest you can use it for other purposes.doing this ...


welcome, assuming you are using a 4 gb RAM computer, you will have delete that 500GB patition indicating SWAP , the right click on the unlocated new 500Gb which will appear in grey color and allocated 4 gb as swap by selecting file system as Linux-Swap in G-Parted and click add, the remaining vlume you will create a new file system by right clicking on it ...


You can check your HDD without need of log in, as Mark Kirby pointed out. Just create a Live USB where you can install HDD checkers. Create a Live USB For instructions, refer to The Ubuntu download page, under "Easy ways to switch to Ubuntu" Check the HDD state Refer to How can I check the health of my hard drive?


Linux systems don't mount hard drives, they mount filesystems that live inside partitions or logical volumes on those drives. In the case of ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems, you can change the UUID using the tune2fs command. From man tune2fs: -U UUID Set the universally unique identifier (UUID) of the filesystem to UUID. The format of the UUID ...


You should change owners. run this command sudo chown newuser: /media/kalenpw/HDD Instead of the "newuser" put your Ubuntu user

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