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I had the same issue sudo apt install gnome-themes-standard Fixed the issue.


I have a solution for GTK applications, and a solution for dolphin. I've never figured out how to fix this for non-GTK applications (e.g., LibreOffice). For GTK: Fire up dconf-editor. Navigate to org/gtk/settings/file-chooser. De-select the box next to sort-directories-first. Close the dialog. For dolphin: Navigate to Control / Sort by >. De-select "...


Try this: Make a script and put it in the "Exec=" line of the desktop file. #!/bin/bash export SWT_GTK3=0 eclipse


I had the same problem. Solved it with tmux, thanks to this answer (copied below). In the terminal that should receive the command start tmux with an identifier: tmux new-session -s MYSES Send commands to it with: tmux send-keys -t MYSES "ls -l"$'\n'

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