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I'v got the same issue too! It seems to me that started to happen after i did a new install of last firefox directly from mozilla.org (not from official canonical repos). I checked out the requirements and i installed among others the 'Pango' package. Shortly in my case the issue has been resolved by uninstalling those packages: pango-graphite ...


For graphical applications use gksu: gksu gsmartcontrol If it is not installed on your system you can get it via: apt-get install gksu


Basically, you can use any one of the same styles from 13.10 as long as there is a GTK-3.0 theme included in the style. The Standard "window themes" are not applied if they are metacity themes like they did in 13.10. To install a theme, download and unzip the file in your ~/.themes folder to make the theme available. You can even do this with the zoncolor ...

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