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There are a few ways of interpreting your question so I'll be explicit in my answers. Are all command line applications in Ubuntu GNU projects? Of course not, you can install whatever you like and there are many things that are part of Ubuntu or Debian directly that aren't upstream. What about the most the command-line applications that ship with Ubuntu? ...


GNU is originally Richard Stallman's project to implement free unix alternative. All modern Linux distributions are based on GNU project toolset. In Stallman's opinion, they should be called as GNU/Linux, instead of just Linux. For example official Debian FAQ does this. With Ubuntu, you already have GNU operating system. As of Unix shell, Linux is (almost ...


Almost all Unix commands exist with different versions depending on the OS used. There are significant differences, usually GNU extensions to the POSIX standard. On Ubuntu, you can expect the GNU version to be the standard for most of these commands, but not necessarily all. The most obvious example is /bin/sh which is a link to dash on Ubuntu and not any ...


You can see User-land "GNU" from Wikipedia- . So, GNU commands are available for Ubuntu. To see available commands, see List of GNU Packages. And for particular command (Ex : find): findutils from GNU Project

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