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Via GUI Open gnome-terminal, go to Edit -> Profile preferences -> Colors -> Palette, change the Built-in scheme Via CLI In the below commands, replace $profile with your profile ID, which you can get from dconf list /org/gnome/terminal/legacy/profiles:/. If you have only one profile, you can create the variable: profile="$(dconf list /org/gnome/terminal/...


The answer was graciously provided in the comments. This only happens when Nautilus is already running. So the warning messages amount to nothing more than the obvious fact that nautilus can't be started because it's already been started. To quit nautilus with nautilus -q and then to start it with nautilus . will cleanly open the current directory folder ...


In the Gnome Panel dialog box you have there, you need to enter the name of the application and the command that would be used to launch it from a terminal. For example, to add a launcher for GIMP: Name: GIMP Command: gimp since, to launch Gimp, you can just type gimp. The same is true for many applications. The comment is optional - text you enter would ...


i'm using right now a theme from noobslab and they doing a great job, it makes everything to feel like osx!! Here is the website if you follow the steps correctly you will have the same exactly result!!

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