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Run the following to fix your home directory permissions: sudo chown -R $USER: $HOME


sudo chmod 777 -R /path to folder you want to delete- This would give all permissions (Read, Write, Execute) to you The permissions (in this case 777) are as follow: 7 - Full (Read, Write & Execute) 6 - read and write 5 - read and execute 4 - read only 3 - write and execute 2 - write only 1 - execute only 0 - none after changing the permission, try ...


Edit: Instead of using the extension below I also discovered if you type more of the name of what you are searching for, it will display a "Files" section with a duplicate result and if you click this result instead, it will open the appropriate application. Also, regarding the Documents search results, if you really want to you can remove the search ...

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