disk management and udisk frontend for GNOME Desktop and Unity. It can be found typing "Disks" in the dash/application list.

Disks, gnome-disk-utility, GNOME Disk or Palimpsest is the default disk manager included in Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu GNOME Desktop. It uses udisks as backend for most of the disk operations. udisks is the HAL replacement for disk management and control.

It can configure and manage mount points, format disks, create and destroy partitions, manage RAID devices, probe S.M.A.R.T. data, benchmarking, cloning, etc.

It's used in several distributions as an alternative to Gparted. It was originally developed by David Zeuthen for the Red Hat project and later on added to the GNOME Fundation toolset.

Questions using this tag should ask about the usage and capabilities of Disks in Ubuntu or it's characteristics.

The Disks introductory manual can be found it at gnome.org in HTML format. A short history about Disks can be found in the author blog, David Zeuthen.

Old releases of Disks can be found in the freedesktop.org release page: http://hal.freedesktop.org/releases/. More recent activity can be found in the git repository, in the udisks module.

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