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To remove gnome-session-flashback or gnome-session-fallback: sudo apt-get purge gnome-session-fallback sudo apt-get autoremove # Uninstall unneeded Packages sudo apt-get autoclean # Delete packages no longer installed You could just ask apt to re-install it for you however: sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-session-fallback If you're still ...


If you are not particular about what fallback Gnome you are using, the workspaces work in Gnome (Metacity). They do not seem to work in Gnome (Compiz).


I had similar problem with Lubuntu, and all I did was right-click on clock and opened it's settings. No matter how simple the dialog box is, you should always be able to see "Clock Format" and "Tooltip Format" fields. In first one, all you have to do is type %H:%M:%S, and that's it. H stands for "Hours", M for "Minutes", and S for "Seconds". Now, if you ...

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