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As you are using gnome fallback session follow below steps: 1)Alt+Rclick on top most panel select NewPanel 2)It will add one new panel at righ hand side of your screen now alt+right click on newly created panel on righ hand side and slect move and move it to bottom side. 3)Done.


Here's a script to emulate the desired behavior. Must be ran as with sudo. Can be bound to a keyboard shortcut ( with preliminary addition of the shutdown command to sudoers file to allow passwordless run ). Simplistic, concise, and does the job. #!/bin/bash # Date: June 11,2015 # Author: Serg Kolo # Description: a script to emulate # behavior of GNOME ...


Not literally what you asked for, but at least an (effectively) comparable solution would be to put the script below under a shortcut key. What it does When the shortcut key is used: the gnome-session-quit --power-off command is run the mouse is moved to the corresponding "close" button, effectively making the shutdown button pre- selected: Then: ...

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