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First try enabling access to your Google account for so-called 'less secure apps' on https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps Then, can you share how you have set up your Gmail account? Did you use the general Online Accounts section on the Ubuntu settings screen or did you configure your Gmail account in Evolution manually without it being ...


To make gmail your standard app, there is a simpler solution using the Ubuntu SW Centre. NOTE: Only works for gmail, not for Calendar!!! Start Ubuntu SW Centre. Search for "desktop webmail" ---> install this application after successful installation, go into the Unity Dash, type "desktop webmail" and choose "Desktop Webmail Configuration". There is only ...


Unsubscribing the "important" folder can resolve the issue. You can find further information on imap folders and subscription in this superuser quesion: What does it mean to “subscribe” to an IMAP folder?

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