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I think you can get it by using the GNOME environment in Ubuntu (I do, or Xfce). This the one Fedora defaults to (Ubuntu GNOME does as well), except Fedora usually has a much newer version (I prefer 3.8 or 3.14 - (though 3.10 and 3.12 are easiest to get in Ubuntu). You can install Gnome 3.14, but it will probably break things (such as Unity) and some bits I ...


Well, playing around with this, I discovered that the problem had nothing to do with gmail at all. I'd set facebook as an additional tab to open on startup. It was the facebook link that was being hijacked. When I removed the facebook url from my set of startup page I was able to open without problems. Ugh, this hijack was extremely aggressive also, and not ...


Take a look at adblock plus or similar browser plugins. I have never had a gmail popup in any browser since installing it.

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