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I resolved this issue by using an external graphics adapter of Nvidia. The matrox g200 on-board display adapter seems to have issues with handling websites high content of javascripts and dynamic webpages. One point I learned from this experience was, server motherboards would require Graphics adapters if they are to server as terminal servers in linux ...


You don't know your password - how do you want to login? https://support.google.com/mail/answer/50270?hl=en Go to the police and get a warrant to let google unlock your account. Whenever you can login again: Use 2-factor login, renew your password, check mail forward to unknown addresses, check who is granted access to your account. When logged in, ...


No. It is not possible for you to log another machine using gmail. Google has multiple data-centers (with multiple independent network connections), your personal home network is likely to be irrelevant (and that is all you can conceivably log yourself). Also, you should probably use their two-factor authentication in future.

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