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You miss an underscore in the webview methods. The correct ones are webview.go_back() and webview.go_forward(). Which means your code becomes: def on_backbutton_clicked(self, widget): self.webview.go_back() def on_forwardbutton_clicked(self, widget): self.webview.go_forward() See the linked documentation page for some more convenient methods, ...


You can use javascript to go back; i have found something here:http://tudorbarbu.ninja/pywebkitgtk-execute-javascript-from-python/ class WebView(webkit.WebView): def get_html(self): self.execute_script('history.go(-1|1)') ignore the next 2 lines i don't know why they were there? you may not need to return anything... html = ...


GtkFileChooserButton in Folder Select mode can return the folder URI. Use urlparse module to convert URI to path. This works even with bookmarks. Hope this solves your issue. import urlparse folder_uri = filechooserbutton_meas.get_uri() folder = urlparse.urlparse(folder_uri).path

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