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You could try the resynthesizer plugin available here. It can do a resize of the image, intelligently interpolating missing pixels using the resynthesizer algorithm. I haven't had much luck with it; but, I'm sure results will vary, depending on the type of image.


You can't get it back - this is the only selection outline in GIMP 2.8. If you need precise control, you can zoom in - for example in a second view of the image.


Text alignment can be set in the "Tool Box" for the text tool:


You want to apply the De-skew plugin from Gimp in batch mode. This means you prepare a script, then run it from Gimp in console mode to auto-rotate a number of scanned images in one go. Full instructions can be found here. Note, however, that the plugin's homepage has been moved to https://github.com/prokoudine/gimp-deskew-plugin.


Multi-threading for GIMP filters will be introduced with GEGL support in future releases. At present there is work in progress to port Gaussian blur but this is not yet available. As an alternative we can use the third-party plugin G'MIC which claims to at least partially support multi-threading. This plugin is available through the gimp-plugin-registry or ...


If this doesn't work: menu/image/fit canvas to layers then try: menu/image/flatten image


You might try something like Section "InputClass" MatchUSBID "5543:0005" MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/mouse*" Option "Ignore" "on" EndSection Which should ignore just the mouse interface, you can replace the USBID with the correct one, but I believe that is the correct one for the WP8060. Hopefully that helps.


This is not available in GIMP yet. Preparing the foundations for this is done during the current development cycle, as this requires adding GEGL ops for everything. See http://wiki.gimp.org/wiki/Roadmap for details.

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