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Currently, you have .deb packages with gedit 3.10 for Ubuntu 16.04 here: gedit gedit-common You can download them (choose package depending on your architecture) and install. For instance: sudo dpkg -i gedit_3.10.4-0ubuntu13_amd64.deb gedit-common_3.10.4-0ubuntu13_all.deb (This command will uninstall your current version of gedit and install the new ...


In gedit menu, go to Edit -> Preferences. When the gedit Preferences window pops up, click on the Editor tab, and you will be able to change the Tab Width setting accordingly.


I experience this issue after I copy or paste some text in a new, unsaved tab, using the keyboard shortcuts ( Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V ). Seems that by opening a dialog (for example the replace text dialog), fixes the issue. It also happened that I had the issue on a tab and opening a dialog didn't help. I suspected that some other tab was causing the issue so I ...

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