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You can see from ls that you already compiled your program with the compiler javac. The command you used javac creates hello.class without sending any output to stdout, so there won't be any messages in your terminal unless there are errors - what you see is the expected behaviour. If you actually want to see some output, you can add an option: ...


So, I gave Bruni a screenshot for their answer to show what they meant. But then I tested the result. You can indeed select UTF-8 encoding in gedit, or any other text editor. However, unless these files contain non-ASCII characters**, they will be detected as ASCII. Indeed, the same holds if you create a "plain text" (dubious term*) file by any method, and ...


You must simply edit your snippet and escape the $ in Gedit's snippet manager with a \ backslash, just as you can see in the screenshot below. That way the $LINENO will not be evaluated by Gedit Snippets, but inserted literally.


I just went into one of my PHP files in gedit (Ubuntu 16.04). It does come up nicely color-coded. I then did ^P, selected an HP Photosmart C4100 series printer in the print dialog. All the color-coding printed beautifully. It worked painlessly for me. I hope this helps. Will that printer print color from another application?

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