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gedit is a text editor - it will color the syntax but won't help you compile or debug it. What I suggest you use is geany. It is a very simple, very easy to use IDE, which you can use to write,compile, and debug. It's available through either Software Center or sudo apt-get install geany


That is not the command to open a .conf file, you must call a text editor and you have the location wrong Open it in a terminal sudo nano /etc/ettercap/etter.conf Open it in a GUI application gksu gedit /etc/ettercap/etter.conf You can swap gedit for your favourite text editor. Tested on Xubuntu 15.10


These instructions will not work if you edited /etc/profile, as those changes affect all users. This is why you should... careful when messing with your user's path, and make sure to make a copy of mission-critical files you edit! Reboot your machine. At the login screen, where you would normally type your password, hold Control and Alt, then ...


Try this: This should give you the expected results.


Gedit has this functionality natively, no need for a plugin. Try the following: Next tab CtrlAltPageDown Previous tab CtrlAltPageUp

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