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You are running a graphical program (gedit) with sudo which usually is for command line use. There is a problem defining a graphical environment for root in this case. It is preferably to use gksudo for running graphical programs.


If you want to get started learning HTML and other web technologies W3Schools may be a good starting point. It is even better than any video could ever be, because for almost anything, you get to try it yourself. Another good place seems to be the beginners guide on HTML Dog. For the part of your question concerning gedit, please have a look on the gedit ...


I had the same problem and found out that ~/.config/gedit is not enabled for writing. So you have two options. This is cumbersome, but you could always start gedit as super user via terminal sudo -b gedit. You can change the permissions of ~/.config/gedit and all of its contents: sudo chmod -R 760 ~/.config/gedit


A quick hack, just open all files you think you want, then at the top right menu you can find the path of each file, so you can keep what you want and close others.


The cleanest solution would be of course to edit the code of gedit. Since that seems out of reach, the solution below is a workaround. If the path information of recently used gedit files is important to you, the soluution can be used as a replacement of gedit's own "recently used" overview. It gives you the information, exactly as it appears on your ...


The PPA ppa:rabbitvcs/ppa doesn't contain Vivid packages. Therefore you can't install rabbitvcs via this PPA. rabbitvcs-nautilus is also in the Ubuntu repositories sudo apt-get install rabbitvcs-nautilus Output of apt-cache policy rabbitvcs-nautilus rabbitvcs-nautilus: Installed: 0.16-1 Candidate: 0.16-1 Version table: *** 0.16-1 0 ...


What you want to do there is not possible. You are probably using an X11 forward and here you need to understand, that the process of Gedit itself starts on the server, and its only a projection of the application that you see (like a video on youtube, with the only difference that this one responds to your actions). For this particular reason it no wonder ...

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