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You usually can't run a .o (object code) file directly: it lacks the necessary library linkage. Instead of Compile, you need to Build (Geany shortcut F9 rather than F8). This will produce an executable file with default name the same as your CPP file but without the .cpp extension. You should then be able to run it within Geany's shell using Execute from ...


The "coloring" is called syntax highlighting and it is based on the detected file type. The file type detecting pretty much works on two paths: from file extension. So a file with extension .py is recognized as Python file. This can be configured via Tools->Configuration Files->filetypes_extensions.conf from manual choice from inside Document menu. So ...


You can manually specify the filetype via the menu at "Document->Set Filetype". In your case, you would want "Document->Set Filetype->Scripting Languages->Python source file".


Probably the easiest way to start over is to remove or - less irrevocably - rename your personal geany configuration directory, either from the nautilus file manager (you will need to enable hidden files from the View menu, or by hitting Ctrl+H), or from the command line using mv ~/.config/geany{/,.old} A new default version of the directory and its ...

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