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Ubuntu GNOME uses GDM as its default display manager. This can be verified by looking at the dependencies for the ubuntu-gnome-desktop package, which include gdm3 but not lightdm.


I'm going to answer the question about the Bluetooth functionality that you put in the title. I don't understand how the remainder of your question about WiFi relates to that. You can use BlueProximity to lock and unlock you desktop when a certain paired Bluetooth device is in range. Here is an article about BlueProximity on the Ubuntu forums from 2008.


The prior answers (as of 20160611) are only relevant for Ubuntu versions using Upstart. Ubuntu 16.04 switched from upstart to systemd. To boot to console, rather than X, you need to change the default target to boot into from graphical to multi-user: sudo systemctl enable --force sudo systemctl set-default Then reboot. ...


You most likely have hit this bug: which renders Nvidia prime cards currently unusable. You can maybe try some workarounds provided in the comments, but these might not work. However please do share your findings!

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