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Mostly it can be solved by: Type password into login screen, hit enter - nothing happens (removing the files like in the second option helped me a couple of times)


Scenario like, your Ubuntu GDM(Display Manager) got corrupted due to sudden power failure & it can't be restarted so. Do one thing read this OR this. This links have good question answered correctly here on this site only. Hope it'll help you out.


Reinstalled Ubuntu. Solved the problem of course, but still no idea why this happend or how to fix it.


I am facing the same situation, frankly I don't have the time to go through the logs and fix it plus I am afraid I will ruin something again and I can't spare any time right now to reinstall Ubuntu and/or try any fix so I am dealing with it the following way. What I am doing to get access to my machine after getting stuck on login page is the following: 1- ...

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