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I have the same issue seems like gnome-settings-daemon is not loading monitors.xml at startup my work around is to run this command pkill -9 -f gnome-settings-daemon as a "Startup Application" i have documented this in my ubuntu 14.04 update and problems post not sure if there is a better solution


This is not possible anymore in Gnome 3. You would have to execute gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power idle-dim-time [seconds] (possibly as lightdm as this is the user who runs the lockscreen) however this key doesn't exist anymore. A possible workaround Khurshid mentioned is to install XScreenSaver (and set the timeout from there): How ...


After an update to 14.4 using awesome as windowmanager I ran into the very same issue. Now I execute "setxkbmap de" (for german layout) in the configuration-file ~/.config.rc.lua and anything works fine.


Try the following steps: The Ctrl+Alt+F1 key shortcut, will open the tty1 console. While in console execute the following commands: sudo apt-get install openbox-xdgmenu sudo service gdm restart sudo reboot Hope this helps :)

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