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How to change Gnome 3 lock screen background: GDM Background Grey is loacated in /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/noise-texture.png Rename noise-texture.png as noise-texture.png.bak (as root) Copy a background of your choice in the above folder and rename it as noise-texture.png (as root) Restart gnome-shell: Alt+F2, type R and hit Enter. (Every update ...


There is this script secReplaceWindowManager.sh. Each 10s it will check if there is a window manager running, if not, it will start it; you can also replace them at will (currently it supports compiz and metacity). It is interactive so requires to be run on ex. a xterm like xterm -bg darkorange -e "secReplaceWindowManager.sh;bash"&disown.

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