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There are two errors in your code, that is why you are unable to use multiple threads. First Error is a typo in OMP Compiler Directives. You have written #pragma omp parallal Correct one should be, (the word is parallel not parallal) #pragma omp parallel Second Error is an invalid return 0 inside OpenMP structured block. The correct code should look ...


You need the g++ compiler, not the gcc, so install the g++ package, and maybe build-essential for any needed headers: sudo apt-get install g++ and if necessary (probably not for this package): sudo apt-get install build-essential You should read the README file(s), then the INSTALL file and follow the instructions. They usually boil down to run ...


Since the issue is a missing linux/videodev.h, try installing a package which provides it: sudo apt-get install gcc-i686-linux-android


posture_algo.o is a file containing object code. The executable your script creates is posture.exe, so you should be running: chmod +x posture.exe ./posture.exe


if you compile the c source file, you'll need to do like below: gcc-4.6-arm-linux-gnuebihf filenam.c -o filenam through this, executable file with name 'filenam' will be generated on your current folder.


I was having the same problem when trying to run other program, and found a solution on StackOverflow. Basically, just do the following commands: Firstly, install: sudo apt-get install libstdc++6 This should already be installed by default, but try it anyway. If it doesn't solve it, just do the following: sudo add-apt-repository ...


There are many ways to find whether a package is installed or not in Ubuntu. For example if we want to find whether vim is installed or not in Ubuntu we can use any of the following commands: dpkg -s vim dpkg --get-selections | grep 'vim' #I always prefer this one as it shows other packages that has the pattern `vim` in their names, very useful in some ...

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