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Your disk is probably failing. You probably don't have a virus. You can check your drive SMART data using smartctl -H /dev/sda, but if Ubuntu told you there's a disk error you should believe it. Start copying your data to another drive. Stop using the drive for any other purpose in case you're destroying your documents.


Happened the same to me about 5 hours ago', I have contacted the developer who replied immediately giving me a reference to this link: https://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/software-center Anyway, after visiting the link I see that there is no relation. I have replied back asking for an alternative download since that the Paypal payment went through. I am ...


I`m using amd proprietary drivers, disabled the audio on game.cfg, i got just 17-18 fps, but the game is playable Wine version 1.7.19LeagueOfLegends2 The shop doesnt work, so i need to change to another wine version with shop at

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