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After struggling for a while, I found the solution to this problem. First sudo apt-get install aptitude, which works fine. Then try sudo aptitude install build-essential, which first says that there is something wrong and proposes a solution. The first solution it proposes keeps nothing change, which is not what we want, so choose no. And it proposes the ...


For some reason, you have build-essential:i386 (the 32 bits version) installed, and your system, like you said, it's 64 bits (i.e., amd64). First, remove build-essential:i386: sudo apt-get remove build-essential:i386 Then install the 64 version: sudo apt-get install build-essential


The 4: prefix to the version number is called the epoc. It is a way for Debian ( and hence Ubuntu, as a derived distribution ) to create a version of a package that is considered higher than previous versions, even if the regular version number is not. Sometimes various circumstances conspire to cause the need to release a new package that otherwise ...

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