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Ok I can disconnect by using CTRL_R + F4 however I cannot get T for show/hide toolbar to work no matter what I key combo I use with it. I've renamed the .remmina folder and and restarted remmina and recreated one of my connections and I get the same issue so I guess it's a bug (as they still have the reference to the toolbar in shortcuts so doesn't look ...


You need to install guest additions and extension pack first Second select 'view' then select 'resize to match' option this will make full screen a true full screen. If you need help locating any of the files let me know.


Use xrandr to pick out the monitor you want to dim (I'm assuming the secondary monitor, if not remove the ^): $ xrandr | awk '/ connected [^p]/{print $1}' HDMI2 Then use it to set that display's brightness off: xrandr --output HDMI2 --brightness 0 You can set it to 1 to make it visible again: xrandr --output HDMI2 --brightness 1 xrandr's output ...

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