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In steam, right click Dota 2, go to properties -> set launch options. In the texbox type "-fullscreen" (without the quotes). Restart Dota 2.


If a system is really completely unattended, preventing a hacker from accessing your system is practically impossible (only think of simply restarting the system from an external medium). Having said that, what you describe can be done with a background script, but it already exists in the form of... Lockscreen :) Simply Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and click ...


This seems to be a bug in 15.04. A workaround for VLC is to right-click the window title and select "Always on top".


I personally did not like having to go to full screen, I like being able to interact with my other monitor without losing focus on my game. I also wanted my launcher to be on the monitor to my left but have the game on my monitor to the right (which full screen doesn't allow you to do.) The only draw back so far is that I cannot get the window to draw over ...

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