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Below Code worked. I have moved cd command before FTP command. clear while IFS="," read SRC_IP SRC_UNAME SRC_PSWD SRC_PATH SRC_FILE DEST_PATH do cd $DEST_PATH ftp -n $SRC_IP <


Check the FTP transfer mode! ASCII may not work as supposed in some ftp client/server combination on different OS's. So Binary mode should be used with binary file formats and Unicode text files too to confirm integrity of data. In this mode, the data are copied bit-to-bit, it constructs same exact copy. Reference: FTP Upload Corrupting PDF Auto may not ...


First, by having inotifywait -e moved_to only monitor for files moved to the target directory, you omit monitoring for files that were written or overwritten there, by, for example Filezilla. Add -e modify -e create to your command, or, unless you have a convincing reason to ignore some inotifywait events, discard all the -e whatever options. Second, by not ...


Error : Server unexpectedly closed network connection ... I suspect fzSftp refuses to connect because the server fingerprint has changed I doubt this. The servers fingerprint is checked by the client and thus the client would close the connection if the fingerprint does not match. But in this case obviously the server closes the connection, which ...


I never used it before, but just from reading the manual and some examples, I would try: wput --ascii "roofsmart_suitecrm_`date "+%m-%d-%Y"`.sql.gz" "ftp://$USER:$PASSWORD@$HOST/backup/" If you don't have wput yet on your computer, you can install it with: sudo apt-get install wput


Users can be limited to their home directories by uncommenting /etc/vsftpd.conf file: chroot_local_user=YES To limit a specific list of users, allow only their home directories: chroot_list_enable=YES chroot_list_file=/etc/vsftp.chroot_list Set User HOME Directory: usermod --home /home/user username Set required permission on /home/user Restart ...


Please refer to this link share between windows and linux

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