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I could solve this by removing writing right from the dummy mount point folder. This way, copying files fails if mounting was not successful.


From the Mount during login instead of boot section of the wiki link you posted, perhaps try adding this to /etc/fstab: //servername/sharename /media/windowsshare cifs noauto,credentials=/home/ubuntuusername/.smbpasswd 0 0 And this to your /etc/rc.local file: mount /media/windowsshare exit 0


I think the best solution for you, would be to clone the 80GB hard drive to one of your other drives with with "several Terra-bytes free". Ubuntu by default will just install everything into one big / partition. If your system is set up this way, you can use something like clonezila or acronis to clone the drive and expand the / partition across the new ...


Unless overridden by mount options GID= or UID= the owner and permissions of the mount point upon mounting become those of the filesystem tree being mounted. So if /dev/sdb1 contains an ext4 filesystem (say a backup) owned by user then user will become the owner of the mount point upon successful mount. Starting off we have an empty folder 'backup' to ...

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