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This may be a power management problem. Try this; At the grub menu, press E. If you grub menu doesn't appear automatically, press SHIFT when you first power on the computer. On the line that says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, go to the end, and right after quiet splash add radeon.runpm=0 and then press F10 to boot. If the problem is gone, you can make the ...


Go to a terminal: ctrl + alt + f1 (f1 -> f6 will get a terminal) Find spotify pid: ps -ef | grep spotify | more resulting in something like: sergio 19510 1962 2 15:43 ? 00:00:02 /usr/share/spotify/spotify sergio 19515 19510 0 15:43 ? 00:00:00 /usr/share/spotify/spotify --type=zygote --no-sandbox --lang=en-US --log-file=/usr/...


When your system is booted and you're at the black screen issue the following keyboard command: CTRL-ALT-F2. Login with your account. Then, run the command: amdgpu-pro-uninstall This should uninstall the driver and hopefully get you back working again.


Ubuntu 16.04 had a lot of problem with external GPU (nVidia or ATI) and with Intel Power States of 6th generation Intel processors. I have your same problem and installing kernel Linux 4.6 (instead of 4.4) I have solved my problem. Enter these commands on your terminal (for 64bit PCs): cd /tmp/ wget

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