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Switch to the console: CTRL + ALT + F1 After login, you can see which processes are running using this command: ps -ef If you see a process which has high CPU usage, you can kill it. sudo kill <pid> Of course, you can simply restart the PC too: sudo reboot


Well there is a magic key combination (to reboot): While holding Alt and the SysReq (Print Screen) keys, type REISUB For more details visit this answer :


I had the same issue with Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop. My laptop was a Dell E6420 with an nVidia video card. The issue was related to the nVidia 'open source' driver not working correctly. I pressed Ctrl+alt+F1 at the logon screen to drop to the terminal and used command line to load the proprietary nVidia driver. Working great ever since. How to Install ...

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