Flash Players and Flash in general (the format etc). Use this tag if you have trouble enabling or installing Flash in Ubuntu.

Flash players include Adobe's Flash player, Gnash and others that render video, audio and interaction for flash based objects.

Note: Check Adobe's site which lists the latest versions for all platforms and APIs. Check if the version numbers exactly match with you package manager and browsers plugin management page, update the package cache and reinstall the package if they don't.


  • flashplugin-installer - The default NPAPI plugin compatible with most browsers in Ubuntu. Adobe stopped development with 11.2 and only provides security updates.
  • pepperflashplugin-nonfree - Downloads and extracts the actively developed version of the Adobe Flash PPAPI plugin (Pepper Flash) that ships with Google Chrome to set it up with Chromium.
  • Fresh Player Plugin - wrapper to use Pepper Flash with Firefox.
  • Arch Wiki article about browser plugins including Flash alternatives Shumway (experimental), Gnash and Lightspark.
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