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You have flash version installed. Trust the Adobe site. Other sites detect Linux and give wrong results. Pepper flash was never supposed to be run in FF. It is installed using a plugin, that reports an outdated version. There is no reason to update the plugin version every time you update Peeper flash.


Try Rufus. The URL address is https://rufus.akeo.ie/ It's very easy to use, almost self explanatory.


As the screenshot shows - running an ondemand channel4 programme within firefox and ubuntu (unity). So how did I do this ... well I used Wine (so please don't hate me!) This is the recipe for this if you want to try. install Wine install firefox using winetricks manually download flash from Adobe using your normal Ubuntu browser install flash using ...


the up-to-date adobe flash player needs SSE2 CPU support to work correctly. According to wikipedia you processor does not have. Source. Getting flashplayer to work on firefox Athlon XP lubuntu machine I have this problem. The solution is to get older versions of the libflashplayer.so file. Steps to fix: make sure flashplugin-installer package is ...

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