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So that you may retain your ubuntu specific firefox and flashplugin installation for purposes other than running that particular game, I suggest you install the windows version of firefox and adobe flashplugin using wine. To do this, run the following commands in an open terminal: mkdir FF; cd FF sudo apt-get update wget ...


Google Chrome comes with its own built-in flash player, which is currently at version 17 and regularly updated to the latest version whenever Google Chrome is updated. For Google Chrome installation instructions see this question: How to install Chrome browser properly via command line?.


Quoted from here It will ultimately require two: Gnash and Lightspark. The two projects cover different versions of the Flash specification; Gnash is the more mature project, and supports Flash content up to version 8. Version 9 of Flash debuted sporting a rewritten version of ActionScript based on an entirely different virtual machine model; ...


The Android version of the phone needs to be repartitioned before Ubuntu can be installed on it. You can follow How to Install Ubuntu on bq Aquaris e4.5, to get your phone configured such that you can flash Ubuntu onto it with ubuntu-device-flash.


You can install it by running sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer But you need to turn on 'Canonical partners' repository in 'System Settings' -> Software and Updates' But this will install only version 11.2. Adobe does not make newer versions for Linux. They just make security updates for 11.2 Google Chrome has pepperflash, which is the latest ...

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