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The config can be more restrictive ufw --force reset ufw default deny incoming # Use the VPN tunnel for all traffic ufw default deny outgoing ufw allow out on tun0 ufw allow in on tun0 ufw allow out $port/$protocol # e.g. 1234/udp, depending on your OpenVPN client config # Prefer resolved hosts to connect to your VPN, enable only if your VPN provider ...


Rule 1 in chain ufw-before-output has the additional condition of being only for the local interface (lo). The two packets that hit the ufw-user-output chain DROP rule would not have been destined for the local interface. They were also probably new tcp connection syn packets and therefore did not satisfy the RELATED,ESTABLISHED rule.


This is my setup sudo ufw default deny outgoing sudo ufw default deny incoming sudo ufw allow 993 sudo ufw allow 6969 sudo ufw allow out 53 sudo ufw allow out http sudo ufw allow out https sudo ufw allow out 465 sudo ufw allow out 587 sudo ufw allow out 993 sudo ufw allow out 6969 This works well with Ubuntu 16.04: Everything works properly sudo ufw ...

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