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There is a bug pertaining this message Bug Report! Quote: You have 2 apaches profiles in your /etc/ufw/applications.d : apache2.2-common and apache2-utils.ufw.profile. Remove one of them Try it and let me know.


To answer your question, yes. What that log message is telling me is that packets from source (or are being blocked, likely in your FORWARD chain if the connection is originating from your LAN and not your Ubuntu gateway. If the connection is originating from your Ubuntu gateway, the block will likely be in your INPUT ...


Your web browser initiate outgoing connection. Ufw by default is blocking incoming connection. If you want block all web browser traffic you could add this rule: sudo ufw deny out http sudo ufw deny out https Or you can change default policy to deny outgoing : sudo ufw default deny outgoing Now all your outgoing traffic will be blocked, until you ...

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