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One alternative would be to block traffic using MAC address filtering. So, you would basically need to get the MAC address of the network interface you want to block, and then use an iptables rule such as the following: iptables -I INPUT -m mac --mac-source 1E:2B:65:48:54:AD -j REJECT The above rule will block all incoming traffic from the specified MAC ...


Edit: upon re-reading your question I surmise that your server is behind a firewall that you do not control? If so, please disregard the iptables part of the answer and skip to the SSH config part... Is it a matter of wanting the transport to be encrypted, or is it simply a matter of getting through the firewall? Getting through the firewall could be as ...


From iptables --help: --numeric -n numeric output of addresses and ports Include the -n option so it doesn't try to use DNS to resolve names for every IP address, network and port. Then it will be fast. Allowing ...


I have installed it today (2016.05.06) and everything works fine. I'm using GUFW version 16.04.1, Ubuntu 16.04 with kernel 4.4.0-21-generic. I already had the package python-gi installed at version 3.20.0-0ubuntu1

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