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When users log in as a guest, their entire home directory is clean and is deleted as soon as they log out. Of course, asking users to log in to Ubuntu and to log out when they're done may not be as convenient for them as a browser in kiosk mode.


Or just use the keyboard shortcut to restore a previously closed window. Ctrl+Shift+N


Maybe you should add a new Firefox profile, eg with the name development, for the following solution and start this profile (via -P development) for your development process. With this profile open about:config and search for browser.link.open_newwindow. Change the value to 1 to open links that would normally open in a new tab in the current tab. Source


There is no need for a workaround. Simply click the close button on the right hand side in the search bar. If you need an auto hide, install Findbar autohide


you could try this which worked for me: in firefox enter the about:config page. find the entries specified below and set them as I've set them below whichs did the trick for me: media.mediasource.whitelist = false and media.mediasource.webm.enabled = true Regards, Troels

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