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If VLC doesn't play it, nothing will play it! (It's probably a corrupt file) If you could post the file itself somewhere, I could have a look at it with a hex editor, or if you would like you can do that yourself by: sudo apt-get install ghex ghex /path/to/file and then comparing the first screen you see in ghex (the header of the file) to another ...


binwalk can be used to find patterns in files. This is in particular helpful for firmware and filesystem images, but can also be helpful if your file format stores compressed sections with a clear marker.


What you're trying to do used to be called hacking a long time ago. Now it's a bad word, but back then it was good! (Trying to take things apart.) The three most important tools in a computer_programmer_hacker's toolbox are: His brain A Hex Editor like ghex a disassembler (ask another question once you're up to this level) Go to a terminal (If you ...

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