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How can I view images without file extension with shotwell? The answer is short: You can't. It works with a suffix, but not without. The same for JPGs and so on. You have found a four years old bug. Here is the bug report.


Use mkvmerge from the mkvtoolnix package. Use something like mkvmerge -o outputprefix --split 1G origfile.mp4 This would split your file in 1 GB blocks. You can use time-indications as well.


From the man mke2fs page and this link it appears that the defaults for formatting an ext4 filesystem are very lazy and leave a lot of the writing work to be finished after the drive is mounted for the first time, and every subsequent time until the work is finished. Most annoyingly, it will very slowly write to the drive every few seconds until it's done. ...


If you really want your video to play then change the extension .m3u8 to .mp4 and that's it. You find it as like other .mp4 files and you can enjoy the video.

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