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This is more of an issue with exFAT, not FAT. exFAT is the Microsoft-owned proprietary filesystem that Android (and any other device) need to license from Microsoft in order to support. FAT (eg FAT32 + VFAT) is free to implement and implemented pretty much universally, including in Ubuntu. One of the notable benefits of exFAT over FAT is its support for ...


More specifically, the exFAT filesystem. That's because exFAT is part of the SDXC standard, and device vendors have to support it if they are going to allow external memory. The FAT patent that the article talks of only ever came into play against TomTom, IIRC. Linux in general is able to avoid the FAT patent on a technicality, according to this linux.com ...


You should also avoid using the popular -a option. My recommendation on FAT32 is rsync -vrc --delete --progress --no-p source destination --no-p : no permission --delete : delete unmatched files and folder in destination(if you really want this) --progress : show progress during transfer. It is good for large files.

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