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If the Win8.1 is 64bit I understood (reading results from a Google Search) that you need at least 8GBs. And obviously NTFS, not FAT. Indeed, I quote an excerpt From the help: $ winusb --help winusb usage Install a windows ISO on an NTFS partition and edit MBR of the device [...] And from the CLI you can also ask for the verbose mode, maybe you can have ...


You may have to format it as ntfs. Do sudo apt-get install gparted (skip this step if you already have it installed) then format it as ntfs.


Install the package dosfstools sudo apt-get install dosfstools and run the command (change to suite your partition number and device letter) sudo dosfsck -r /dev/sdb1 repeatedly until there are no more errors.


Now that you mention it: No one ever asked what the solution to the slow USB speed is. Everyone just wants to know why... Solution: Don't buy don't buy SLC USB sticks, buy MLC ones! Why? SLC USB sticks are cheap and you get what you pay for: MLC ones are 2-8 times faster (depending on the technology of your original SLC), last 2-8 times longer (again: ...

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