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Remove it from /etc/fstab (that file is used for fixed mounts). From command line use either of these: sudo nano /etc/fstab sudo gedit /etc/fstab sudo vim /etc/fstab and put a # in front of the line that mounts that disk. Save and next reboot it will not prompt for it. If correct you can next time just remove that line from /etc/fstab since the paritions ...


It actually is possible. Before I continue, these instructions are meant for blank EFI System Partitions (ESP) and will probably ovewrite existing files, or not work as expected. At least make backups! Adding required partitions for different platforms Platforms: Legacy PC, UEFI-based Windows computer, Apple computer Add an ESP to an existing ...


I think your directions (pasted from the Ubuntu uuid page) are outdated: If you are using Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake LTS, you can use these commands to "upgrade" to UUIDs. All other supported versions of Ubuntu automatically use UUIDs, so this is not necessary. What's your /etc/fstab look like now? You can probably just change the "/dev/sd.." names to ...


Check the "delete on destination" checkbox in the "basic options" tab. It's like specifying the -d option in rsync which will delete files and folders that are not on the source disk.

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