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Finally found the solution. It is a known issue with version 0.4.7 (the one in the repos). The author has updated to version 0.4.8 that solves this problem. You can find the explanation at this url and the deb files for 0.4.8 at the project webpage. Thanks Loukas for a very useful software.


If you want to gain ownership of a drive you can use the chown command: sudo chown -R username:username /media/username/nameofdrive This gives the user ownership over the drive without allowing permission to unauthorized users and "-R" makes this command recursive so that ownership also applies to all of the existing individual files on the drive as well ...


ok let's do this instead open the disk utility, now, turn the slide to off, select mount on startup or boot. Now you have to add a line before the " x-gvfs-show " add " comment=" so it should be like this " comment=x-gvfs-show". Now i selected the mount point /media/yourusername/Linux. After that input your password and reboot. Take a look to the image ...

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