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I know this is one of the stupidest ideas you have heard of but my client. It is. And you can't with a normal install. Apache would be needed to be run as "root" and Apache has a built-in security check on it. Error notice you will see... Apache has not been designed to serve pages while running as root. There are known race conditions that will ...


You can accomplish a bit of what you might want with FollowSymLinks and the correct permissions on files. This method will only create links to data where you specify, it will not give you the entire filesystem, unless you were to create symlinks for every path of course, and even then, you might run into problems with specific system paths. By default ...


Ubuntu has a built-in utility to do this! Simply search for "Backups" in the dash, and the app will pop up: Click on the icon to open it, and then you should see this: Simply adjust the settings to your liking, and do a backup.

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