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Boot a live system, install testdisk, launch it, choose "Intel", choose "recover partition".


Using mkfs -t ext4 -N iNumberOfINodes /dev/XdY is a 32-bit number so the maximum possible number of inodes on any ext2/3/4 file system is 2^32, or 4,294,967,296 (~4 billion).


First thing to look at, Disk /dev/vdc doesn't contain a valid partition table So you probably still need to make a partition with the help of fdisk. Please see check the following article on how to do so. It explains it, step-by-step. how to use fdisk to manage partitions on linux (howtogeek.com) It uses /dev/sda as the partition in the examples, just ...


You could disable delayed allocation under ext4 (nodelalloc), that would make it significantly more likely that you would recover more data if/when you did suffer a power out during a write, but it would come at the cost of more fragmentation of the file system over time.

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