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Usually you don't need to specify broadcast. The broadcast address is the last address in subnet. The network mask already specifies the range of the subnet. When you configure an interface, you may set the IP address and network mask only. The order of the parameters in your command is wrong. You tell your NIC to set broadcast and netmask before ip ...


Open the file /etc/network/interfaces in your terminal sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces Add this line: iface eth1 inet manual Save the file and run sudo service network-manager restart or sudo systemctl restart network-manager.service Source


Some hardware revisions of this Ethernet adapter have issues with kernel driver r8169. In this case a specific driver can be installed, it is in Ubuntu repository. Just run: sudo apt-get install r8168-dkms


Since upgrading to Ubuntu 15.04 I have experienced similar problems of intermittent internet outages. I believe in my case this is an issue with the routing. The problem for me only happens when I am connected on the internet both through ethernet and through WiFi. The symptom is that I would occasionally lose internet connection for a few seconds. I clearly ...

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