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Remove the s from the beginning of the line. Save the file, and run sudo apt-get update.


This is bug. I was using do_dssp with previous versions of GROMACS. It did not run when it was upgraded to version 4.5.5. Somebody please upload GROMACS 4.6 in UBUNTU software center. I believe this issue had been fixed in GROMACS 4.6. see this link: http://www.shocksolution.com/2012/10/getting-dssp-to-run-with-gromacs-4-5-5-on-red-hat-linux/


I was having the same issue even though the hostname in my /etc/hostname file and /etc/hosts file matched. My hostname was "staging_1". It turns out that you can't have an underscore in your hostname, which is why I was getting this error. Changing the underscore to a hyphen fixed my problem.

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