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Remove spaces between = sign. It should look like: export PATH="$PATH:~/android-studio/bin" not export PATH = "$PATH:~/android-studio/bin"


There's an option called xterm in Terminator's configuration (see man terminator_config), which is supposed to set TERM. Due to a bug, it does not work, and TERM is always set to xterm. Terminator also sets a COLORTERM variable, to gnome-terminal, so you can use that to set TERM to xterm-256color (since gnome-terminal has no problem with that value: [[ ...


If it happens when you open terminal, it's most likely somehting in your .bashrc or .profile files. Have you modified them recently? maybe when you installed npm? You'd need to check and fix the file.


So, I just set the environment variable XDG_RUNTIME_DIR the same as in my working shells, and it works. I found this page because I had this same issue with trying to get sound to play from cron jobs -- mpg123 seeming to think it plays the file fine, but with no audio. Setting that variable fixed it.

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