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The link necordian provided has steps that do resolve this problem (I tested on a system with RAID and encrypted home directory/swap) except 1 step is missing you need to reboot before swap becomes available. Here is what I did to get my encrypted swap partition working. Need UUID and Device name for the swap partition to fix this on RAID system with ...


The /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root in place of a traditional /dev/sdxN block device just indicates that you chose to install the system using LVM2 logical volume management. See What is LVM and what is it used for?


Physical access is root access, so if someone has physical access to the server, regardless on if it is on a VM or bare metal, they have root access. In the case of KVM the owner of the bare metal host can access the guest. You can always encrypt the data, but, that may be of limited benefit as the data will be decrypted when you access it. Same with the ...


So the problem was that the swap partition was in use by my regular OS. The solution was to use SystemRescueCD and boot it from the USB into memory usingdocache. Then i was able to overwrite the swap partition.


A group called PrivacyIdea have created a little package to add a HMAC-SHA1 challenge-response routine to the initramfs, which means that Ubuntu can query you for a challenge to pass to the Yubikey and then use the response to unlock the LUKS volume. For the most part, I'm following these instructions, with some added comments. The process is actually very ...

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