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Does Ubuntu store this data (in cache, or somewhere else) No. Besides what is in memory because of usage on that system (and not synched data) there are no other locations where this is stored. And the "in memory" is lost when saved to disk or when rebooted. Basically this is active when you have software open with one of your files. Come to think ...


Please make sure that you have installed the following package: ubuntu-restricted-extras It is set of many multimedia related packages, including the libdvdnav, which is probably missing in your case. If you have vlc and libdvdcss already, then you have everything required to play any DVD movie.


After installing Ubuntu 14.04: Step 1 Type the command below into terminal: sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:videolan/stable-daily Step 2 LibDVDCSS is a library required for reading some DVDs. Unfortunately, due to legal issues, it is not included by default. This repository is provided by Videolan, and can be added with the code below: echo 'deb ...

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