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As long as you don't have multiple versions of python installed, these two commands do the same. You can test this by doing pip list and python -m pip list it should output the same packages. If you do have multiple versions installed, either keep the preferred one on you path or call it directly with its absolute path i.e. /usr/bin/python


/usr/bin/pip is just a Python script that invokes the pip module using the load_entry_point function. Therefore, the following are (mostly) equivalent: python -m pip ... pip ... See What's the difference between pip install and python -m pip install? on Stack Overflow for details.


It looks like Fabric is using standard ssh instead of juju ssh (which uses the Juju ssh key). The easiest way to get the auth to work is to import your ssh key from Launchpad into your Juju deployment: juju authorized-keys import $launchpad_user

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