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subprocess.Popen is best if you want to send immediate response. But make sure that subprocess.Popen is not returning any value back. i.e., you have to use like below: subprocess.Popen(["python","test.py"], close_fds=True) And use close_fds=True along with that, also helps better.


If you wish to install the latest version of Django globally, a better option is to use pip, the Python package manager. First, you need to install the pip package manager. Refresh your apt package index: sudo apt-get update Now you can install pip. If you plan on using Python version 3, install using the following commands: sudo apt-get install ...


As soon as you say "do it in the background" I'm going to suggest Celery . It involves running RabbitMQ as a local daemon that Celery uses as a intermediate data-store and Django can ask Celery to perform tasks. If you need to track status, once you add a task, you can get a UUID for it and then query Celery for the status, and/or just have Celery stick the ...

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