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To run the script like it's running on your own account (with bash) change your crontab to the following: */15 * * * * sudo -u ashish /home/ashish/parser.sh This will run the script almost as if you executed it from the command line on your own account.


*/15 * * * * . /home/ashish/parser.sh cron uses sh, not bash, so when you source the script (that's what the . does), it is run under sh, not bash. Remove the .. Also, the PATH for cron is limited. Specify the full paths to commands you use, such as workon, or set PATH yourself.


I have successfully installed django-mathfilters 0.3.0 using the command: pip install django-mathfilters Then add mathfilters to your INSTALLED_APPS. This is the same command that is found at the Python Package Index django-mathfilters webpage. It was a local install, so I didn't need to use sudo. I also already had the latest version of django ...

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